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1912All-boys school “Realschule Zuffenhausen” founded.
1919First girls allowed.
1926School consists of six Grades leading to “Mittlere Reife” qualification. School premises consist of the “Rosenschule”, the children's school and two sheds on the “Kelterplatz”.
1930School moves to its own premises on the third and fourth floor of the new “Hohenstein” school building
1943All classes evacuated to Aalen, Wasseralfingen, Esslingen, and Oberkochen.
October 1945Classes resume at Zuffenhausen with roughly 200 students divided into six classes.
1954/55754 students divided into 20 classes. Extreme lack of rooms.
Spring 1957First graduation exams.
June 21, 1958School becomes full-time establishment under the name of “Gymnasium Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen”.
February 15, 1960Foundation block laid for the new school building in Haldenrainstraße.
February 15, 1962Consecration of the new school building.
1971/72School split resulting in the creation of “Echbach Gymnasium” in Stuttgart Freiberg.
June 21, 198325th anniversary of “Gymnasium Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen”. Local council of the state capital Stuttgart calls the school “Ferdinand-Porsche-Gymnasium Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen”.
1994Lounge and cafeteria open. Three lunches a week delivered by the Porsche AG cafeteria have been served to students ever since thanks to their parents' voluntary work.
July 2008The FPGZ joins the largest school network in Germany: school without racism – school with courage. Uwe Hück, company council member and deputy chairman of the Porsche AG board of directors champions this project.
Fall 2008Start of construction work on the science building. The last class of the “G9” system graduates. The long-tenured principal Erhard Hönes retires.
2012100th anniversary festivities spanning both school grounds and the Porsche subsidiary in Zuffenhausen.
2013The new NwT-Building opens.
2014Introduction of PorscheLab.
2015The international class IFC's first school year. Our school social worker Chris Cuthbertson opens the student café.
2017Remake of the upper school yard. Introduction of the school ambulance.
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